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Smarthistory Kickstarter Update – Week One

Posted by on Jan 30 2011, in Open Educational Resources, The Future of the Art History Textbook

The Kickstarter campaign launched one week ago and we wanted to offer an update to our amazing contributors and a little kick for our supporters who have not yet given.

First, a huge THANK YOU to all that share our vision for open educational resources (OERs) and for Smarthistory. We see a very bright future for education where problems with access diminish thanks to extremely high quality OERs. In our own field, we see a future where art museums, libraries, colleges and universities no longer produce content primarily for their own students and visitors but instead develop systems where resources are pooled to create more comprehensive resources for a much larger audience of learners.

In the meantime there is our little project, Smarthistory. We are already reaching across institutional boundaries to create historical narratives and hope the crowd-sourced funding model that Kickstarter has pioneered will be the engine for our growth. Maybe, if we are successful, other OERs will take this path.

Our focus now has to be meeting our $10,000 goal since Kickstarter is an all or nothing structure. We have had an amazing week and have already raised $4,455 toward our goal, but if we only raise, for example $9,000, the project doesn’t fund and Smarthistory get nothing.

Most of those reading this have already given and so this is preaching to the choir, but we’d be remiss if we didn’t end with an appeal, please encourage your friends and colleagues to watch our video and support the free and open education that offers. Thank you.


  • Keitai


    I really like your website, but i have one request. could you upload the vid’s on vimeo as well?
    I am surfing with my iPad and i can’t see THE vid’s only THE kickstarter vid, which i presume is embedded with vimeo?

    Now i am off to my desktop and enjoy one of your vid’s


  • Many of our videos are also on Vimeo – there is a smarthistory account there. Also on YouTube where you can see them on the iPad.

  • Sue Anderson

    I am a new art history professor in Minnesota. I have been using your videos in class and am having enormous success. This has been a valuable asset as the classes are one hour and twenty minutes long twice weekly. The students are easily distracted, so it’s a blessing to show your videos which help to break up my lectures. These are well done and very informative. I’m really excited to continue using them through May!! Thanks ever so much.

  • Sue,
    Thank you so much for your note. Please let us know how you use the videos in class (the more detail the better) and especially if there is anything we can add to the site that would be helpful to you.

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