1400 – 1500
Renaissance in Italy & the North

Andrea Mantegna, Camera degli Sposi

Andrea Mantegna, Camera degli Sposi, fresco, 1465-74 (Palazzo Ducale, Mantua)

Speakers: Dr. David Drogin, Dr. Beth Harris


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Jans wrote on Monday, September 12, 2011

is there any meaning to the peacock who appears to be looking down from the cealling oculus?

Jean-Simon wrote on Friday, October 07, 2011

interesting question indeed. I just googled it for fun and here is what I found about the meaning of a peakcock during the Renaissance: The peacock has several meanings. Because of a legend that its flesh does not decay, the peacock represents immortality and resurrection. Because of the “eyes” in its tail, it symbolizes the Church. Because of its habit of strutting, it is said to stand for vanity and pride.Source and more meanings @: http://suzannehill.suite101.com/symbols_of_birds_in_christian_art-a9051Hope this helps!

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