1960 –
Age of Post-Colonialism

Judy Chicago's Pasadena Lifesaver, Blue Series, No. 4 & Lynda Benglis's Omega

Lynda Benglis, Omega, 1973 (Portland Art Museum) Judy Chicago, Pasadena Lifesaver, Blue Series, Number 4, 1969-70 (Portland Art Museum)

Speakers: Bruce Guenther, Dr. Beth Harris

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Jaymie Lathem wrote on Thursday, March 10, 2011

Lynda Benglis, Omega is a great example of a time consuming practice of tying knots over and over again that transcends and references women’s work throughout the history of art. Benglis connects this women’s work directly to the male dominated movement of abstract expressionism. By joining ‘woman’s work’ directly to ‘male domination’ Benglis work both empowers and disrupts the balance of artistic acceptance.

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