1500 – 1600
End of the Renaissance and the Reformation

Pontormo's Entombment

Jacopo, da Pontormo, Entombment (or Deposition from the Cross), c. 1525-28, oil on panel, 313 cm × 192 cm / 123 in × 76 inches, Capponi Chapel, Church of Santa Felicita, Florence

Dr. Steven Zucker and Dr. Beth Harris

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alice kaniff wrote on Monday, February 28, 2011

What most intrigued me was the peace and harmony of the High Renaisance and then the Terror and chaos of Mannerism as the perhaps infuenced aby the religious and political times of the Reformation and Counter Reformation as the Classical tradition and history the Christ gave the keys to the Kingdom to Peter, the first pope. The pyramidal,logical classical ratios changed to drama, amibiguity and loss of focus( circular flow). Art reflects politics in history, even today.

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